Why Us

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We have the capacity and the know-how to recover debt from secured and unsecured loans. This is handled by our network of experienced nationwide consultants who understand the nature of debt, seasonal fluctuations and the behaviour of debtors. Our teams are specialised and primed to work on specific industries. They effectively trace, seek acknowledgement of debt to prevent prescription, consult and negotiate settlements, organise payments, arrange payment plans and may obtain emolument attachment orders. Our system processes enable us to handle large volume handovers with ease. New accounts are enriched from credit bureau searches and internal procedures help enable efficient and effective collections.

Bulk Account Management for Your Industry

Whether you handover 1 account or a book with thousands of accounts, we can handle the work regardless. Are you in retail, aviation or health services? No problem, we've collected debt for many industries.

Simplified Integration with Effective Reporting

We continuously integrate with a various differentiated systems. We have experience in exchanging data dynamically with these systems. We can import and export data to make our systems integrate effectively. We can incorporate your definitions and actions by mapping them to our internal definitions and actions, providing you with effective reporting.