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We collected over R900 million on installment sales, rentals and commercial property loans after closing an agreement with The Receivers of New Republic Bank in 1999.


We have collected 98% of a R1 billion sale agreement with Saambou Receiver since 2003.


By engaging with two finacial institutions we acquired advances to the value of R210 million.


We concluded a transaction with a major bank to manage performing and non-performing advances to the value of R511 million.


Together with Imperial Group, we successfully completed the corporate closure of Tyco Trucks. Through the sale of assets and collection of debt/debtors, we have recovered over R2 billion.


In late 2014, we embarked on several strategic projects to increase our use of technology in the collection process.


Technological advances together with a new management philosophy, resulted in expansion and the establishment of two new branches in Gauteng.


A record year where all branches expanded their capacity and new collections records were set.


Using the consolidated expanded capacity, new records were set in all branches. Overall the company set new turnover records for five consecutive months in the second half of the year.